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NURSE - Chaman / Dera Murad Jamali Projects
MSF - Holland Department, Chaman
Apply By Feb 23, 2021
Job Description (total positions: 1, posted on: Feb 18, 2021)

Main Objectives

Provide quality nursing care (preventive & curative) and follow-up of patients, according to doctors’ prescriptions and following MSF protocols & guidelines in order to ensure 24/7 good quality nursing care of patients admitted in MSF health program, under the supervision of the Nurse Supervisor or a Medical Doctor or an expat Nurse

MSF’s health services include:

  • Delivery Room / Birthing Unit
  • OBs & Paeds IPD
  • Nursery
  • OT (Obstetrics ONLY)

Therapeutic feeding (ITFC/ATFC)


Medical / Nursing Activities

Carry the overall responsibility of any nursing activities appropriately, skillfully and in accordance with MSF protocols and procedures in place, which may include (but not limited to):

  • Ensure the triage of patients and prioritize workload
  • Take anthropometric measurements (MUAC, weight, height, oedema, use of w/h charts) and evaluate the results
  • Take, register and report vital signs and making any other necessary observations as required by their supervisors;
  • Together with Nurse Assistants/ Paramedic Helpers, monitor patient vital signs, food intake and output; immediately report unexpected deviations to the doctor and follow his/her order how to respond on it
  • Calculation of the dosages and safe administration of oral, IM, IV drugs as per Doctors instructions and prescriptions and in accordance with MSF protocols
  • Safe insertion and good management of IV cannula; ensure (directly or by guiding Nurse Assistants) administration / management of IV fluids
  • Indication and good management of drains, catheters, NG Tubes.
  • Indication and use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) including bedside testing like glucose or dipstick, Hb.
  • Indication and correct use of oxygen, suction equipment, CPAP and incubators
  • Initiate the patients on the blood transfusion according MSF blood transfusion guidelines and monitor the patients closely.
  • Laboratory specimen collection and procedure, follow up results from the laboratory
  • Respond appropriately to emergency situations, obstetrical and medical and immediately call MD in the case of any medical emergency in the wards.
  • If necessary, prescribe relevant treatment according to MSF guidelines and protocols.
  • Appropriate wound care if necessary.
  • Additional EPI tasks as needed.
  • Maternal care if requested
  • Assist in the isolation room and daily care
  • Provide nutritional medical care, calculate the correct quantities of the therapeutic food to the patients according to MSF nutritional protocols and guidelines.
  • Assist in the operating theater as required; this may include setting up OT preoperatively, managing OT sets and instruments, assisting surgeons as required, management of post-operative patients and sterilization.


  • Ensure that all patients have been reviewed by the doctor and correct prescribed medication and treatment given according to MSF protocols and guidelines and follow up progress daily. Responsible for admission and discharge of patients according to doctor’s orders (documentation and assessment according to MSF protocols)
  • Attend ward rounds by the consultants/MDs in the ward including updates of the patients conditions
  • Ensure integrated health education and support within all activities, to patients and their families.
  • Ensure clean and safe environment for patients and staff
  • Comply with MSF Health Care Waste Management, hygiene and sterilization procedures.
  • Comply with, and insure implementation of nursing protocols, procedures and standards
  • Responsible for MSF equipment and materials and their correct use
  • Accurate reporting and timely consultation and or referral, following the orders of and giving assistance to the doctors and/ or other supervisors.
  • Report any type of medical error in the ward which could be linked with wrong administration of the drug, or mistake in the calculation of the dosage or any other error happening during nursing activities.
  • Review, give suggestions, and develop with the nurse supervisor, any changes to the guidelines and protocols to benefit patient care and the smooth running of the health facility.
  • (Using the data reporting –clinical, NA care and consumables-) participate on clinical review to guarantee reflexive practice on quality care.
  • Keep skills and knowledge up-to-date according to the current guidelines for management of emergency situations including, paediatric and neonatal resuscitation, malnutrition, dehydration, shock, severe respiratory distress etc.departments within the facility.

Human Resources:

  • Attend required trainings, workshops, lectures etc. in service or external and possibly able to give training and workshops to other staff, within the framework of the nursing role, on request and with the help or guidance of the nurse supervisor.
  • Coach junior staff, provide guidance to Nurse Assistants, Paramedic Helpers, Trainees and other assistants at all times, as well as to LHVs when appropriate.
  • Provide technical support to Nurse Assistants and Paramedic Helpers in medical tasks that need the presence of a Nurse or Medical Doctor.
  • Organize or attend to meetings with other auxiliary staff on a regular basis to discuss problems and ensure smooth running of the project.
  • Maintain clear communications and good co-operation with other members of the team

Reporting and Data Collection

  • Make accurate and timely reports, verbal and written, regarding the patient’s condition, including any significant changes in the patient condition to the supervisors.
  • Ensure the collection of correct data both medical and drugs consumptions, as required/requested by the supervisors.

Medical Logistics/ Administration

  • Carry-out administrative procedures and documents (fill in patients files, forms, consumptions, statistics, etc.), ensure an appropriate written/oral handover, and report any problematic situations and cases that may arise. Fill in all necessary registers and health files and keep doctors/supervisors informed.
  • Participate in the department-related pharmacy and medical equipment control and maintenance (carrying out inventories, carrying out stock takes of medicines and material, checking its quality and its functioning, storage conditions, doing follow-up of expired drugs, etc.).
  • Ensure the correct and timely ordering of required materials, including drugs/medication needed for the department, as required by the organization.
  • Ensure accurate record keeping of patients and drug consumptions and patients records and reporting


  • Give an input on any other issue i.e. security that can affect the medical activities to the office and expatriate supervisor immediately.
  • Immediately report any information or knowledge which may influence or affect patient care, work within the premise, or with MSF as a whole, to senior program doctor or expat medical team leader.
  • Perform any other duties as deemed necessary by nurse supervisor, medical doctor, and expat medical team leader.

Specific Code of Conduct:

  • Ensure no action or omission on her part places the patient at risk, including referring to others when she has reached the limit of her experience
  • Does not accept gifts or money from her patients or their family for care provided.
  • Upholds good medical practice, updates her knowledge regularly by reading and training.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality at all time and respect patients as much as possible.
  • Promote the policies and protocols of OCA, refrain from practicing out of regular working station and organization. Should not prescribe medications outside these policies for local purchase from the bazaar.
  • Respect the rights of the Patients and caretakers in her care to be informed before any procedure or medication is given and the right to decline care or treatment, and the right to have a female family member for support.
  • Maintain and promote a good attitude and proper manner towards patients, their attendants and the medical staff.

Uphold universal precautions at all times during their practice in MSF medical facility.



  • Registered Nurses / Registered Midwifes (RNRMs) or nurses with a BSN done directly after HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate).
  • Valid Pakistan Nursing Council Registration.


Desirable 1 years of previous experience in a hospital settlement with MSF or another NGOs or in private sector


Proficient in English, Urdu and any other relevant local languages


  • Available for shift work and flexible in cases of emergency or other expected changes to meet the needs of the health facility.
  • Good interpersonal & communication, respectful behavior and honest, organized, disciplines work attitude
  • Ability to work under stress and in difficult circumstances
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in other MSF locations in remote areas with marginalized communities, in case of emergencies to work longer hours, extra days to meet the needs of the program.
  • Capacity to work in a multidisciplinary and international team.
  • Commitment to humanitarian values as outlined in the MSF Charter

Required Skills

Health Care, Clinical Skills, PNC Registered,

N.G.O./Social Services
Health & Medicine
Job Type
Contract ( Rotating )
Minimum Education
Degree Title
Nursing diploma registered with PAKISTAN NURSING COUNCIL
Career Level
Experienced Professional
Minimum Experience
1 Year