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Anesthetist (Medical Officer)
MSF - Holland Department, Chaman
Apply By Jan 21, 2021
Job Description (total positions: 1, posted on: Jan 12, 2021)

Main purpose

  • Organize and carry out anesthetic medical activities, according to MSF policies, protocols and universal hygiene standards and in close collaboration with the surgeon and other medical staff.
  • I Increase the knowledge and practical skills of the anesthetic staff and OT staff through on the job training and knowledge transfer in order to ensure the quality of care provided to patients

Key responsibilities

Curative /clinical responsibilities:

  • Carry out pre-operative consultations evaluating the risks of operating in collaboration with the surgeon, providing the patient with appropriate information and deciding the type of anesthetics to be used, in order to ensure the best conditions prior to the surgery. Carry-out all anesthesia related activities during surgery to ensure safe, adequate anesthesia.
  • Preparing beforehand the drugs, material, and equipment required.
  • Administering and maintaining anesthetics following the rules of hygiene and asepsis in force ie using spinal anesthesia or inducing with ketamine general anesthesia depending on the indication and in the best interest of the patient.
  • Monitoring patients throughout the intervention.
  • Be able to respond and solve anesthesia related complications during and after surgery.
  • Be able to work closely with Gynecologist and expatriate MD or Expat Midwife in the absence of MD and respond to obstetrical emergencies.
  • Resuscitate the patient when required using the ABCD-approach
  • Be on call 24 hours for obstetrical emergencies.
  • Ensure transfer of patients to the recovery room, and full recovery of the patient’s consciousness and setting analgesic protocol
  • Advise on Postoperative care in both Intensive Care Unit and wards with the surgeon, including fluid management, oxygenation monitoring and airway care and chest physiotherapy and mobilization, with special focus on patient’s pain relief during the recovering process.
  • Implement and supervise hygiene rules, procedures and MSF protocols in OT/recovery, anesthesia material (decontamination, sterilization, storage conditions, etc.) to ensure the safety and protection of patients and staff.
  • Supervise the OT pharmacy (drugs orders, inventories, expired drugs) and ensure OT register, consumptions, empty vials of narcotics, ensuring adequate stock is maintained..
  • Ensure good functioning and maintenance of OT equipment (oxygen extractor,  basic ventilation, equipment, etc)

Human Resources Management:

  • Organize the tasks of personnel under his/her responsibility, and participate and carry-out other team management activities (recruitment, training, performance evaluation, motivation, internal/external communication, etc.), in order to ensure having the appropriate team in terms of size, capabilities and skills.
  • Support the MTL and the Expat MD on HR management of national staff involved in the health program and report to the next in line with any issues in a timely manner (malpractice, misbehavior, absenteeism etc.) that affects service deliberation for immediate redress/attention
  • Ensure that staff is complying with rules and regulations and protocols
  • Ensure job descriptions of staff under her responsibility are correct, up to date and followed.
  • Liaise with expat doctor regarding teaching/training plan for junior doctors as well as nursing and paramedical staff (devise and follow up)
  • Ensure transfer of skills and knowledge to junior MDs in the facility through ward rounds, case discussions, teaching tutorials, conducting different procedures etc.

Reporting and data collection:

  • Ensure the collection of correct data and analysis of epidemiological data as required/requested for the program, checking its validity
  • Liaise with expat doctor to coordinate weekly and monthly meetings, actively participate in weekly/ monthly and medical meetings, assist with the planning of program activities and give feedback to expat and national team concerning medical activities and collected data
  • Make accurate and timely reports, written and verbal, about the patient’s condition and activity of the program; prepare the daily and weekly morbidity reports as request


  • Ensure proper fulfillment of administrative procedures and documents (fill in of patients files, forms, statistics, data base, etc.)
  • Responsible for MSF equipment and materials and their correct use
  • Check and control the rational distribution of medicines and equipment under his/her responsibility
  • Reasonable use of investigative services (laboratory and diagnostic imaging)
  • Ensure clean and safe environment for patients and staff
  • Compliant with universal precautions and MSF Health Care Waste Management and hygiene procedures
  • Keep up to date about new protocols, guidelines and up to date research
  • Ensure the correct and timely ordering of required materials, including drugs/medication needed for the department, as required by the organization; prepare drug orders accordingly
  • This position covers 24 hours services and will be shift based with oncalls, including evening, night and weekend, public holidays shifts
  • Maintain good relationship with other colleagues, including MoH/ DoH staff in the hospital
  • Collaborate with other departments in the project (responding to accident & emergency department requests, intervening in support of other services when needed, etc.)
  • Communicate problems encountered to the supervisors and think creatively to find solutions to encountered problems
  • Give an input on any other issue i.e. security that can affect the medical activities to the office and expatriate supervisor immediately.
  • Contribute to the MSF identity, values and principles by reflecting, discussing and contributing to the advocacy mandate
  • Represent MSF to the community and other agencies and attend meetings as required.
  • Participate in any emergency activity or exploratory mission, in order to support the overall MSF project with his/her expertise and capabilities.

Specific Code of Conduct: 

  • Ensure no action or omission on his/her part places the patient at risk, including referring to others when she has reached the limit of his/her experience
  • Does not accept gifts or money from his/her patients or their family for care provided.
  • Upholds good medical practice, updates his/her knowledge regularly by reading and training.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality at all time and respect patients as much as possible.
  • Promote the policies and protocols of OCA, refrain from practicing out of regular working station and organization.
  • Should not prescribe medications outside these policies for local purchase from the bazaar.
  • Respect the rights of the Patients and caretakers in his/her care to be informed before any procedure or medication is given and the right to decline care or treatment, and the right to have a female family member for support.
  • Maintain and promote a good attitude and proper manner towards patients, their attendants and the medical staff.

Uphold universal precautions at all times during their practice in MSF medical facility.



  • Medical Doctor Degree (MBBS)
  • MCPS in Anesthesia or DA (diploma in Anesthesia); valid PMDC Registration


  • Experience with administering general and spinal anesthesia.
  • Desirable, experience in Obstetrical - Gynecological Emergency Medicine.
  • Experience in preparing and presenting written reports and medical statistics


  • Proficient in English, Urdu and any other relevant local languages


  • Commitment to humanitarian values as outlined in the MSF Charter
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Strong clinical skills (IV management, Emergency interventions, etc) and willingness for continuous medical education
  • Ability to perform specific procedures (LP, intra-osseuous, etc) and/or willingness to be trained to improve
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Organized and discipline work attitude, punctuality, time management and ability to work under stress 
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in other MSF locations if necessary, in remote areas with marginalized communities, in case of emergencies to work longer hours, extra days to meet the needs of the program.

Required Skills

Clinical Skills, Medical Statistics, Gynecological Emergency Medicine,

N.G.O./Social Services
Health & Medicine
Job Type
Contract ( Rotating )
No Preference
Minimum Education
Degree Title
MBBS with diploma in Anesthesia
Career Level
Experienced Professional
Minimum Experience
Less than 1 Year(Desirable experience working in Hepatitis C program, previous experience in other NGO’s is an advantage)