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IPD Nurse (Daily Worker)
MSF - France Department, Peshawar
Apply By May 29, 2018
Job Description (total positions: 2, posted on: May 15, 2018)

The IPD nurse is responsible for providing advanced nursing care in the hospital units.

Attendance and involvement at work:

·      Observe the MSF charter.

·      Perform all activity in line with the MSF protocols and procedures.

·      Respect the time schedule and be at work on time (flexible at anytime).

·      Treat the patient with care and respect providing good quality care.

·      Respect the patient privacy and strictly respect community culture, norms.

·      Maintain good relationship with other team members.

·      Adhere to MSF Clinical Guidelines and protocols

Application of basic hygiene rules

·    She is responsible for maintaining hygiene within Inpatient Department including ICU.

·    Application of MSF protocols for hand washing and use of gloves.

·    Application of the disinfection protocol for dressings and invasive medical procedures.

·    Waste management and change of safety box as needed.

·    Observation of the general cleanliness of the hospital setting and collaboration with the cleaners.

·    Education about personal hygiene to patients during hospitalization and at discharge.

Nursing care


For all the admitted patients, the nurse:

·    Provides nursing care to parturient and their babies, including babies under NBU treatment in IPD.

·    Monitors patients’ vital parameters, intake and output, and records them on the observation sheets.

·    Ticks off and counter-signs treatments given to patients in their files.

·    Participates in the medical round and informs the doctors of the progress of each patient.

·    Organizes ordered investigations and enclosed the results accordingly.

·    Gives appropriate diet to patients according to medical prescription.

·    Listens to the patient’s complaints and informs the doctors accordingly.

·    Maintains a hygienic environment for patients in IPD as well as collaborates with the relatives or the cleaners to help the patients look after their personal hygiene.

·    Sets up procedure for septic isolation and educates patients and relatives about the necessary


·    Supports mothers in breastfeeding, kangaroo mother care, newborn care, etc.

·    maintains skills in neonatal resuscitation.

·    Holds skills in adult resuscitation.

·    Passes IV lines, collects samples for laboratory tests, prepares and injects medication and infusions.

·    Passes and monitors gastric tubes, nasal prongs, or oxygen masks.

·    Accompanies patients on transfers to other structures or for investigations.

·    Organizes the documentation and files for all patients admitted and records the status of patients.

·    Supports staff in the delivery room in case of emergency of newborn after delivery.


For all patients under her responsibility, the nurse:

·    Provides nursing care: vital parameters, oxygen therapy, IV fluids, nasogastric tube, gastric lavage, etc.

·    Registers the patient’s information in the registration book and make sure of the diagnosis from the Gynaecologist and Anaesthetist.

·    Cleans and organizes the emergency trolleys and medical equipment as appropriate.

·    Keeps record of activity during the shift and of any change in prescriptions for patients.

·    Constantly patients’ monitoring, contacting immediately anaesthetist in case of emergency.

3. Other

·    Ensuring proper handover to incoming colleagues, drawing attention to any notable events during the shift

·    Participating in the nursing meeting for exchanging information on the state of the patients.

·    Checking the medicines and material at every shift changeover.

·    Apply proper utilization of medial equipments.

·    Noting the daily consumption and writing it in the sheet.

·    Participating in weekly inventory and weekly order.

·    Sending material to be sterilised/recuperating it from sterilisation

·    Informing the Head Nurse of the various needs and in event of medical error.

·    Participating in ongoing personnel trainings.


Required Skills

Strong interest in Mother and Child Health, Good clinical skills, Previous experience (at least 1 year), English, Urdu and Pashtu are required, Madical Writing, Medical Activity, Communication,

N.G.O./Social Services
Health & Medicine
Job Type
Part Time ( Rotating )
Minimum Education
Degree Title
• Four-year Nursing Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
Career Level
Experienced Professional
Minimum Experience
1 Year(• Previous experience (at least 1 year) in Gynecological – Obstetrical Department, ER Department or Intensive Care.)